How to sell your services through Ajois.

1. Create an account.

Fill in your company details here - it's super fast and absolutely free! Follow our instructions to connect your credit card or bank account to receive payments.

2. Add your services.

List your unique services and tell our users what makes them extraordinary. We will check the first service you publish to see you are on the right track, and to quarantee services of a lifetime to our users.

3. Start receiving bookings.

You are all set! You may now start receiving bookings. You can always decide, whether you wish to accommodate a booking made through Ajois or not.

4. Do what you love.

Give your customers awesome memories! Customers will rate your service, and great reviews guarantee even more customers.

5. Get paid.

It is up to you to set the correct price for your service, we charge a percentage for each service you provide. The percentage at any given time can be seen on your account page. We will never charge any other fees from you.







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